Commercial Supply List


Here you will find a comprehensive suggested supply list for commercial grows. Please note these are suggestions to help take the guesswork out of your set up. 

  • With a commercial grow it is suggested you have a rack (preferably metal)  
  • 2 lights per shelf (depending on how many shelves you will use for light phase determines quantity needed)
  • 2 fans per shelf, 3 tray system (two 10 x 20 trays without holes one 10 x 20 tray with holes)
  • choice of growing medium (soil, Coco coir, etc)
  • choice of seed variety


Rack option:

Light Option:


Fan Options:

Quality Seeds:

Propagation Trays:

Soil option: Sungro Professional Grow Mix (M830) use link to find a distributor in your area

Miscellaneous supplies:

Temperature/humidity Monitor:

Spray Bottle:

Clamshells 5in:

Clamshells 9in:

Larger/restaurant size clamshells:

Food Safe Dry Packs:

Wheatgrass juicer:

Food safe gloves:



Delivery bags (size options):




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